VoiceFlash Networks and VeriFone to Explore Mobile E-Commerce Solutions

VoiceFlash Networks Inc. announced today that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with VeriFone Inc., to explore the viability of cooperating in the development of retail mobile commerce products.

These products would allow merchants to easily deploy a mobile commerce solution consisting of VeriFone point of sale (POS) terminals with embedded Bluetooth technology by VoiceFlash's Wireless Adaptor Module 2.0 (WAM). The solution would provide a secure and convenient method for transactions to occur in the retail, hospitality, food
service, and travel industries, among others, using the benefits of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a global de facto standard for wireless connectivity. It uses a low-cost, short-range radio link, eliminating the cords, wires and cables previously required for digital devices to communicate. When two Bluetooth equipped devices come within 10 meters range of each other, they can establish a connection. Because Bluetooth utilizes a radio-based link, it doesn't require a line-of-sight connection in order to communicate. VoiceFlash and VeriFone will combine the Bluetooth and POS worlds to enable the development and deployment of enterprise-level applications for
wireless devices. The Bluetooth-enabled POS devices are expected to be operational by year-end.

John Falcone, president of VoiceFlash Networks, stated, "We are fortunate to be able to work with a world-class company such as VeriFone to distribute this new solution. By working with VeriFone we expect to bring a comprehensive, industry-wide solution to market which will streamline the transaction, loyalty card, and identity validation process at the point-of-sale."

"We are entirely dedicated to adding value to the point of sale, making it easier and less expensive for merchants to securely conduct a wide range of transactions and services right from their VeriFone POS terminal," said Stuart Taylor, vice president of emerging markets at VeriFone Inc. "We are confident that by working with VoiceFlash we can quickly deliver the many benefits of Bluetooth wireless connectivity to the POS."
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