Vic Cherikoff Down Under<br />Barrier Reef Lemon, Lime &amp; Chili Sauce

The label of this new product proclaims it to be "aromatic, citrus, and spicy" -- well, there's little doubt that there's a strong aroma to this product, but we're just not sure how pleasant it is. When water is the first ingredient in a product and sugar is the second, we become wary. The ingredients list "Australian lime juice" and "herbs and spices" -- if it's going to make a point of sourcing these particular ingredients, why not go the whole way and source the sugar, chili, tomato, and lime paste as well? Finally, it would be nice to see a perforated tab opening on the plastic wrap on the bottle. Available in other flavors. Retails for $6.99/10 ounces
Taste Value Health Ingred Prep na App Pack Total
20 15 13 13 10 5 4 80

Essentially Oz Marketing (USA) Pty, Ltd.
Manhattan Beach, Calif.
61 2 9554 9477
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