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VEEV Spirits Launches 70 Proof, Package Redesign

VEEV Spirits, the Los Angeles-based independent spirits brand, has unveiled its VEEV 2.0 full brand repositioning. 

VEEV 2.0 includes a reformulated 70 proof liquid and package redesign, supported by a multi-million dollar ad campaign which markets the brand as "What Vodka Should Be."

The redesigned bottle bears a bigger, striking logo that showcases the VEEV leaves which, along with the word "VEEV," represents life and living well.  The new bottle will be shelved in the Vodka aisle and include a hangtag that carries the What Vodka Should Be communication along with a "New Look | Now 70 Proof" burst.

"My brother and I actually had Vodka in mind when we launched VEEV in 2007 so this is more of an evolution vs. a revolution," says co-founder Courtney Reum.  "It is a perfect alternative to vodka because VEEV is handcrafted with organic Acai and all-natural ingredients, and also has a uniquely balanced flavor, which Vodka can't boast. Now that it's 70 proof, it really shines in cocktails yet has kept its great taste that can be enjoyed simply on the rocks."

The brand campaign, which urges consumers to "cheat on vodka," will include digital videos and display ads, outdoor ads, and a Twitter-activated vending machine where users win a prize when they "Tweet To Cheat On Vodka." 

VEEV 2.0 began shipping in early July and will retail at $29.99. 

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