Variety, Number of Kosher for Passover Items Rising

OU Kosher Infographic: Things You Wouldn’t Expect to be Kosher for Passover

Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, described as the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency, has observed an increase in not only the number of kosher for Passover products available, but also the sheer variety of what can be bought today.

Interestingly, these in-demand products go beyond the usual holiday items like matzo, brisket and potato kugel to include coconut oil, cauliflower rice, marinara sauce, coffee, vodka and wine, as well as pet food and other household and personal care items such as deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, food wraps and tablecloths. There are currently more than 55,000 Kosher for Passover foods available.

“We have seen the number and type of products available today nearly double since 2012,” affirmed Rabbi Menachem Genack, COO, OU Kosher Division. “The kosher market, even beyond Passover, is growing exponentially as those who observe expand and modernize their palates, and the desire for clean eating continues.”

New York-based OU certifies more than 1 million products annually.

This year, Passover begins on the evening of Friday, March 30 and ends at sundown on Saturday, April 7.

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