Use it and Lose it

Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff Energy with LuraLean is a hybrid sports drink combining energy, appetite control, calorie burners and 100 percent natural GRAS (generally recognized as safe) fiber under the emerging segment of weight management nutritional supplements, according to the manufacturer, Tomball, Texas-based Funktional Beverages, Inc. “Color represents the function of the product. Purple is our relaxation/ anti anxiety line of products. Everything Red is our energy/weight loss/metabolism line,” notes Funktional Beverages chief marketing officer Tim Lucas. Red Stuff Energy’s appetite control ability hinges on LuraLean, the only fiber in the world to expand 200 times its original size once in the stomach. An 8-ounce plastic resealable bottle of Red Stuff Energy in Triple Berry, Wild Super Fruit or Grape flavor retails for a suggested $2.99. For further information, visit or call 1-877-FBI-ROKS (1-877-324-7657).
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