USApple Shines It On for Feb. Heart Month

With February’s American Heart Health Month in full swing, the Vienna, Va.-based USApple, which represents apple growers and all segments of the apple industry, has rolled out “28 Days of Apples,” which spotlights 28 ways and reasons apples are healthy for our hearts and bodies.The program’s key features include digital/social outreach on USApple’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages educating consumers about important heart-healthy apple info each day in February;

An apple-related prize, such as fruit gift baskets, cookbooks and cookware, is being awarded daily to consumers who engage with an apple heart health fact on USApple’s social channels. The organization will also host a Feb.13 Twitter Party featuring USApple and NourishRDs nutritionists sharing apple facts and cooking tips and encouraging participants to share their recipe ideas.

Other elements of the 28 Days of Apples include consumer media relations outreach to promote the program and further educate individuals about apples’ heart health.

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States,” said Wendy Brannen, USApple’s director of consumer health and public relations. “We want to remind consumers that eating apples can be one of the most convenient and accessible ways to fight many of the factors that contribute to heart disease. ‘28 Days of Apples’ accomplishes this with a daily dose of essential information presented in a fun, rewarding way to consumers.”

Participating sponsors and donors of daily prizes to date include: California Walnuts, Chelan Fresh Marketing, CrunchPak, Gebbers Farms, Knouse Foods, Michigan Apple Committee, New York Apple Association, New York Apple Sales, Opal Apples, Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program, Rainier Fruit Company, Red Jacket Orchards, Robin Asbell, Sage Fruit Company, The Fruit Company, Tree Top and The Produce Mom.

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