U.S. Retailers to Open 94,000-plus New Units by 2011: Report

WILTON, Conn. -- America's leading retailers -- representing 80 different classes of trade, including supermarkets -- will open more than 94,000 new store locations over the next five years, according to the 2007 Retail Tenant Directory, released yesterday by Nielsen Trade Dimensions, a business service of The Nielsen Co.

The directory highlights the most active retail categories, or those which Trade Dimensions expects will open the greatest number of new locations by 2011 based on research and analysis, including direct contact with many of the country's leading chains.

Fast-food restaurants will open the most, more than 13,000 new locations planned, it said. That easily tops the category in second place, women's apparel, which will see just half of that number in new units.

Nearly 6,100 new fast-casual restaurants will open, while just over 6,000 new coffee/juice bars will see the light of day. The restaurant category (which includes all restaurant chains not classified as fast food or fast casual) closes out the top five, and Trade Dimensions anticipates over 5,800 new restaurant chain locations by 2011.

The directory also features a retail industry overview, in which Trade Dimensions ranks specific retailers by the total amount of current retail space occupied and the total amount of new retail space planned. Four companies appear in the top ten of both rankings: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's, and J.C. Penney. Together the four companies occupy a staggering 1.08 billion square feet of retail space in North America, and plan to open an additional 150 million square feet over the next five years.

"As the retail industry gets increasingly competitive, many retailers have made changes to their floor plans, debuted new concepts, altered their lease terms, introduced new prototypes, or otherwise changed their site criteria," said Thomas Donato, director of research operations, in a statement.

Encapsulating 80 different classes of retail trade -- everything from supermarkets and discount stores to nutrition shops and movie theaters -- the directory is designed to help real estate, development, and leasing professionals find leads and target prospects. Each company profile includes all current site selection criteria: preferred store size, locations considered, number of new units planned, minimum frontage required, tenant mix, demographic requirements, lease terms, and more.

The Retail Tenant Directory is available in three distinct formats -- book, CD, and online. Visit http://www.retailtenants.com or call (203) 222-5750 for more information.
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