U.S.' Largest Olive Maker Launches New Identity, Products

Lindsay Olives, the largest olive producer in the United States, will launch a total redesign of the company's nearly 100 year old identity under the "Savor Olive Life" banner, beginning next month.

The launch will include the introduction of several products and debuts a new marketing campaign, packaging and Web site. Savor Olive Life focuses on the company's and its shoppers' passion for olives and the role they play in eating, lifestyles, and socializing.

"We had to balance creating a contemporary, passionate and fun new look while respecting the heritage and high quality of our olives," says Kate Hart, consumer marketing manager at Lafayette, Calif.-based Lindsay Olives. "This campaign puts an end to olives being treated as a commodity by placing the fun of eating them front and center. We all grew up putting olives on our fingers -- this campaign reinvigorates that passionate, childlike fun in a way that will attract olive newbies and aficionados."

In a nod to the company's long heritage, the nearly century-old logo remains unchanged, but a bold, vibrant red color anchors the new identity across all marketing materials, replacing the traditional California orange crate-style design. Labels on cans, jars and boxes feature illustrations reflecting the unique characteristics of various olive styles and sizes, in some cases highlighting ways to best enjoy the olives. More than 30 illustrations are featured on the product lineup.
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