United Supermarkets to Simplify Supply Chain Ops

LUBBOCK, Texas -- United Supermarkets Ltd plans to install a supply chain and merchandising solutions specifically scaled for mid-size retailers and designed for rapid implementation.

The retailer selected the G.O.L.D./RI system from Aldata Solution Inc., a provider of software solutions for the retail industry, and will be the first customer to implement rapid-implementation solution which will enable United Supermarkets to more rapidly integrate its supply chain operations, according to Aldata.

United Supermarkets will use the software to service its 47 stores, which include three distinct brands: United Supermarkets, Market Street, and United Supermercado. The solution will provide every entity along its extended supply chain -- from its corporate office to distribution center to individual store managers -- with a single centralized source of data on items, stores, and vendors. With the ability to better manage inventory and track the true supply chain costs at both item and store level, United Supermarkets will have improved information for determining pricing and promotions and greater flexibility in shipping and receiving goods, according to Aldata.

"Our goal is to give customers an ultimate service experience, providing high-quality products at competitive prices, supported by superior performance from our associates," noted Peter Wellman, c.i.o. of United Supermarkets, in a statement. "Aldata G.O.L.D./RI will support this goal by enabling our associates to provide a more responsive, flexible service for our customers, while at the same time supporting planned growth. G.O.L.D./RI's accelerated implementation will let us deliver the benefits to our associates faster at a lower cost. The G.O.L.D. software will be a foundational component of our architectural vision, a single source of the truth -- the key information used to manage our business."

In the first quarter of 2006, United Supermarkets will begin implementation of the first module of G.O.L.D./RI -- headquarter functions, followed by store operational components and distribution and logistics features. Subsequent phases will rollout additional G.O.L.D. functionality.
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