Unions, Activists Team Up for National Campaign Aimed at Wal-Mart

WASHINGTON D.C. -- The Wal-Mart bashers are at it again, this time with a concerted campaign seizing on the opportunity of the approaching back-to-school season to protest what they allege is Wal-Mart's failure to oppose child labor.

WakeUpWalMart.com is launching a campaign today to "Send Wal-Mart Back to School," with the help of the two largest teacher organizations in America, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA); the AFL-CIO; and other civic and community groups and labor organizations.

The group said yesterday it expects community leaders, teachers, and other WakeUpWalMart.com supporters to hold press conferences as part of its coordinated nationwide launch covering 32 cities and 20 states. Speakers at the press conferences, the advocacy group said, will present Wal-Mart with a reproduction of an actual report card illustrating Wal-Mart's failure and will call on Wal-Mart c.e.o. Lee Scott to adopt a "Zero Tolerance" policy on child labor.

As part of the press conferences, members of the community will be encouraged to go to WakeUpWalMart.com and sign the Back to School pledge.

One such local effort will take place in Commack, N.Y., with organized labor leaders and community activists urging a boycott to disrupt the chain's back-to-school selling efforts. Their campaign will call on consumers, including students and teachers, to buy school supplies from retailers other than Wal-Mart.
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