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Ukrop's Testing New Spice Merchandising System

RICHMOND, Va. -- Ukrop's Super Markets here said it is testing a new retail spice merchandising system that offers self-rotating, first-in-first-out functionality and reduces retail management time by 30-40 percent, according to vendor C.F. Sauer Co.

The merchandising system is now available in Ukrop’s stores and will complete the roll out into other retailers by the end of March. The chain is the first to introduce the system in stores. Sauers said the new system is part of its brand redesign.

“This new set-up not only makes it easy for our people to stock and cuts the time required to maintain this section, it also ensures the space looks attractive and the freshest product is always available to our customers,” said Scott Aronson, v.p. of marketing for Ukrop’s, in a statement.

Sauer’s produces flavorings, spices, sauces, and condiments, including Sauer’s line of herbs, spices, mixes, flavorings, and extracts; Duke’s Mayonnaise; BAMA Mayonnaise; and The Spice Hunter gourmet spices, blends, and meals in a cup.

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