Ukrop's Testing New Deli Queue Management System

RICHMOND, Va. -- Regional retailer Ukrop's Super Markets here is testing DeliVision, a new integrated queue management and electronic ordering system from Quincy, Mass.-based Cuesol, Inc., in one of its stores. The system is designed to increase sales and enhance the customer experience by managing multiple deli ordering queues, improving customer service, and providing critical productivity data to store management.

The DeliVision system includes an electronic ticket dispenser, an overhead customer display, and associate touch-screen displays. It's integrated with a deli ordering kiosk that can read loyalty cards to remind customers of their commonly purchased items and alert them of special savings opportunities.

By providing a real estimated wait time and an order number from one queue, customers always know their location in the queue and how long they have to wait to be served. Critical data such as waiting times, order fulfillment times, orders placed and orders abandoned, is collected and reported to management for productivity and scheduling enhancements.

"We are confident that the DeliVision system will improve service to our customers by saving them time and providing personalized product selection based on prior purchase behavior," said Scott Aronson, v.p. of marketing and analysis for Ukrop's, in a statement. "Not only does the DeliVision system allow us to better service our customers, but it also gives us a technical solution to monitor order fulfillment."
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