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Ukrop's is Test Market No. 2 for Genetic Assessment Kits

RICHMOND, Va. -- Ukrop's Super Markets is the second supermarket chain to test-market Cellf Genetic Assessments kits from Boulder, Colo.-based Sciona, Inc., which allow consumers to screen their DNA for customized, genetically-based clues to healthier living.

Minneapolis retailer Lund Food Holdings was the first to test the kits, in August.

Cellf Assessments are now available to consumers in two of Ukrop's Richmond stores. The kits provide personalized health and nutritional recommendations based on an individual's diet, lifestyle, and unique genetic profile.

Bobby Ukrop, president and c.e.o., called the kits "innovative, scientifically credible health management tools" that support his chain's goal of offering superior customer service.

To use the assessments, consumers collect a sample of their DNA using a cheek swab, and complete a diet and lifestyle questionnaire at home; then send the results to a lab. After these data points are analyzed, they receive a personalized and confidential nutrition and health assessment based on their genetic profile that they can review with their Ukrop's dietitian and pharmacist or other qualified healthcare providers.

Five different kits are designed to address specific health issues: Antioxidant/Detoxification Assessment; Bone Health Assessment; Heart Health Assessment; Inflammation Assessment; and Insulin Resistance Assessment.

Nutrigenetic testing has a strong appeal worldwide, according to Sciona. The company has sold more than 10,000 genetic assessments direct to consumers and healthcare professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Sciona said it will continue to expand its test markets into additional retail operators in 2005.
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