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UK Leads Europe in Organic Food Sales

LONDON - Sales of organic food in the UK are continuing to increase faster than in any other European country, according to a report cited by BBC news.

The study by Soil Association, the UK's leading organic campaign group, found that sales of organic food reached 802 million pounds, or around $1.132 billion, this year. This was compared to last year?s sales of 605 million pounds, or $845.1 million.

The group reported that despite this increase, small farmers and independent retailers are losing out to supermarkets.

British supermarkets account for 80% of domestic sales while sales through farm shops have decreased by 6% and the market share held by independent retailers has dropped by 2%.

Soil Association chairman Craig Sams said many small organic businesses were questioning whether they could continue to run a viable enterprise, despite the rise in popularity of organic food overall.

He said: "Urgent action is needed by the government, retailers and consumers to help our organic producers thrive."

The charity has already submitted evidence to a government commission on the future of farming and food. The commission is due to make a report next month.

The group's recommendations include the need for a fair price code for food suppliers and supermarkets that would favor UK goods.
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