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UCCnet Forms Advisory Council

UCCnet, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides industry standards-based, global data synchronization, recently announced the formation of an advisory council to inform UCCnet regarding issues of enhanced functionality, product performance and usability within the organization's universal foundation for electronic commerce.

The group, named the UCCnet Advisory Council (UAC), will assist in maintaining UCCnet's adherence to EAN-UCC standards, defining new, efficient processes for standards approval and publication, and setting policies and procedures affecting the use of UCCnet services among trading partners. In addition, the UAC will be involved in prioritizing enhancements requested by UCCnet subscribers and communicating those enhancements to the organization. Findings by the council will then be used to continually develop the UCCnet functionality in a way that most effectively satisfies the needs of the trading community.

"From the beginning, UCCnet services have been developed around the needs of the industry, for use in bringing efficiency to participating companies," said Fred Geiger, senior vice president of product management at UCCnet. "The UAC is another means to ensure that UCCnet meets the business and technical needs of our subscribers, and in turn, for the industries we serve."

The UAC is composed of 12 voting members who represent companies that currently subscribe to UCCnet's industry standards-based services. Five members represent the manufacturer and supplier community and five members represent retail subscribers. The final two council companies represent other members of the UCCnet community, such as trading partners from emerging industries within UCCnet's services or members of PARTNERS IN SYNC, an alliance program composed of solution provider companies.

The first group of elected members to the UAC includes representatives from Ahold, Food Lion, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Ralston Purina, Shaw's Supermarkets, SUPERVALU, Transora, Wal-Mart Stores, and Wegmans Food Markets. The council members were voted into their positions at UCCnet's Implementation Action Group (IAG) meeting in July.

"UCCnet is truly an industry offering. We aim to serve our subscribers by providing foundational, industry standards-based services, enabling companies to see the benefits of advanced e-commerce tools," said Tom Duffy, Vice President of Marketing and Administration. "With the creation of the UAC, we will continue to strengthen the lines of communication with our subscriber community and insure that our services meet their needs."
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