Tyson Deli Unveils New Website

Tyson Foods Inc. has unveiled TysonDeli.com, which the Springdale, Ark.-based leading processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork, has developed as the first website aimed expressly at deli foodservice professionals. Offering proprietary Tyson consumer research and observational data, proven merchandising strategies, innovative products, and business-building promotional programs, the online destination promises to serve as “a results-oriented resource for deli professionals,” notes T FuQua, brand manager for Tyson’s deli division.

“Over the years, we’ve found that very little work was being done by our competitors in consumer and shopper research, specifically examining the protein category in the deli channel. TysonDeli.com features an absolute storehouse of dynamic, applicable data that can assist deli professionals in their operations.”

The site features an in-depth dive into deli shoppers’ various profiles, products organized by merchandising vehicle, merchandising tips, promotions and the first-ever, exclusive online community for deli professionals. Additionally, TysonDeli.com provides a unique calculator that can help users determine the right mix of products to help drive profitability in their deli sections.

Praise is already forthcoming from the site’s intended audience. “I like the way it weaves in facts without being overwhelming,” said Laura Liras, consumer insights manager for Warren, Mich.-based Lipari Foods. “I saw some strong fact-based data that is direct and relevant to the specific material without just being a long list of facts. I know I’ll reference back to this many times in the future for key data points.”

Deli professionals can get eye-catching point-of-sale merchandising aids through the site, resulting in better engagement with customers. According to Tyson, its retail customers experienced a 55 percent sales rise by advertising prepared foods at full retail in their weekly flyers and employing in-store point-of-sale merchandising. “True satisfaction comes from knowing that when Tyson insights are put into motion, ‘real-life’ deli operators may see amazing results,” observed FuQua.

The site will be updated on an ongoing basis as it undergoes further development. Tyson urges deli professionals to check back regularly for newly added content.

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