Two Martin’s Stores Retrofit Energy-Saving Cooler Doors

Martin’s Super Markets has installed 196 feet of Remis Americas’ RemiSafe T doors and 140 feet of RemiSafe HG doors at two in Elkhart, Indiana stores to save energy that escapes from typical open-air coolers.

All three of Remis’ door styles are now in Michiana area Martin’s stores, including RemiSafe doors at the Heritage Square location.

“We are very happy with the new doors,” said Martin’s director of engineering Ted Alwine. “Our store personnel like the way they look and function and concerns about stocking cases through the doors have proven to be unwarranted. The most encouraging reaction comes straight from our customers, who have gone out of their way to tell us how much they like the change. They perceive the doors as a measure to improve product quality and integrity. And everyone has noticed the way the existing LED lighting makes the product pop.”

Elkhart, Indiana-based Remis America offers retro-fit refrigeration doors and covers to grocery retailers and OEM case manufacturers that cut energy costs up to 80 percent while also greatly reducing retailers’ carbon footprint, according to the vendor.

Because of the energy savings, Martin’s has been able to secure two custom rebates through Indiana utilities to help offset the cost of the doors. With the reserved rebates factored in for both stores, the ROIs are just over two years.

Remis provides a full range of medium temperature insulated glass doors and bunker freezer covers, installation and service. These glass doors and covers are engineered to custom fit individual refrigeration case specifications and are in use in over 10,000 retail stores throughout Europe, via our sister company, REMIS GmbH of Cologne, Germany.



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