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TWIG Podcast: Bringing Health & Well-Being to the Grocery Aisle

FMI’s Krystal Register discusses how registered dietitians are really the food advocates of the grocery industry
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Krystal Register joins this episode of the Top Women In Grocery Podcast for a discussion about retail dietitians being at the forefront of the grocery industry, as well as the power of food as medicine. As VP of health and well-being at FMI - the Food Industry Association, she helps food retailers tackle issues around food, hunger, health and nutrition.

Prior to joining FMI in 2020, Krystal was a registered dietitian with Wegmans Food Markets, and she says the grocery industry has been the perfect place for her to make a difference by providing food solutions that are focused on promoting health and preventing disease.

Krystal goes on to discuss FMI’s participation in the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, and how the association’s members have stepped up with activities to help empower their communities. 

As for dietitians being embedded within the grocery industry as a whole, Krystal believes that nutrition is a science still in its infancy, and as such, requires a registered dietitian to be able to digest the research and help share best practices. “All registered dietitians want everyone to do is just enjoy food and feel really good about making personal choices,” she shares. “So it's about personalizing that science.”

In addition, Krystal believes registered dietitians can help shoppers get over the occasional hesitation of using the grocery store as a health and well-being destination.

“Imagine a future where just walking into the supermarket, everyone could have open access to pharmacy services, but also nutrition services and the services of a registered dietitian for this community-based lifestyle approach to balance and choice and personalizing nutrition – right there in the grocery store. That's the destination for health and well-being, right?” she muses.

(Do you prefer to watch this episode instead? CLICK HERE to view the video.)


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