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Top Women in Grocery Video: Empowering Entrepreneurship

Nourish + Bloom Market's Jilea Hemmings talks about making food accessibility easier using AI

In this podcast, Jilea Hemmings, co-founder and CEO of Nourish + Bloom Market in Fayettevile, Ga., discusses how she and co-founder Jamie Hemmings combined their tech skills and passion for food security to create the first black-owned autonomous grocery store. She talks about using their unique and scalable business model to bring better food options to communities. Jilea delves into how modern grocery technology is providing personalized shopping experiences, including a new level of convenience for consumers.

Plus, she shares some new initiatives that Nourish + Bloom Market has planned for this year to better service food deserts.

A true entrepreneur, Jilea also divulges the pitfalls and the rewards from entrepreneurship, providing some sage advice for listeners.

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