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Top Women in Grocery Podcast: Improving Efficiency

Shipt’s Larissa Lewis talks about improving structure and efficiency, employee career development, advice for emerging women leaders, and more
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"Structure" is the keyword for this episode that features Larissa Lewis, VP of market operations at Shipt (and newly minted TWIG winner). Larissa talks about improving structure and efficiency within different teams, specifically how structure unlocks investment needs. She touches on how Shipt is delivering better quality outcomes as it begins to focus on “intentional” strategy.

Larissa also chats about employee development at the retail tech company. She even helped create a successful mentorship program for the operations team that is now expanding to other areas in the company to help unlock opportunities. Wondering what's the difference between mentorship, sponsorship and coaching? Larissa explains the distinction and why each is essential in their own way. 

And don’t miss Larissa’s advice for emerging women leaders!

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