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The Time is Ripe


With pomegranate season in full swing through the holidays, POM Wonderful -- the largest grower of fresh pomegranates and namesake juice products in the U.S. – is collaborating with notable chefs to debut a new Chef Series of recipes featuring the seasonal fruit.

Each year, the Los Angeles-based POM Wonderful welcomes the arrival of pomegranate season by announcing a new collection of delicious food and drink recipes that feature the ruby red arils and juice from its eponymous variety fruit.

POM Wonderful is presently working with acclaimed chefs like Mike Isabella, Jon Bonnell, Michael Ferraro, Candice Kumai and James Boyce, as well as POM's very own chefs, to create appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts that all showcase the sweet, tart taste and culinary versatility of POM Wonderful pomegranates.

With 18,000 growing acres in Central California, POM Wonderfuls, known for their unique, sweet/tart taste, are a great snack and ideal for tossing into salads, stirring into yogurt or sprinkling over cereal. Not only delicious, pomegranates deliver antioxidants and minerals including polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. Pomegranates can also add that perfect splash of ruby red color and burst of flavor to any festive holiday dish or cocktail.