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Thriftway Grocers Get Hungry for Healthy Living

SEATTLE -- The Washington Thriftway group and Food Emporium this month launched a Healthy Living program in all of their grocery stores, a promotion developed to make it easy for shoppers to find products for specific health needs.

"Each month we'll have a theme," said Bob Broderick, wine and beer merchandising manager for Associated Grocers of Seattle, a wholesaler for the two chains. "For example, June is Dairy, and July is heart-healthy -- we'll place signage throughout the store on products and within categories that meet those needs, such as low-fat items or wheat pastas."

Thriftway and Food Emporium maintain that providing healthy recipes, highlighted products, and nutrition information to shoppers is beneficial on a number of levels. By doing nutritional footwork for consumers and informing them of better, healthier food options, shopping isn't a chore. "It becomes easier, saves time, and aids families as they try making smarter food choices to promote a healthier lifestyle," Broderick said. "Basically, we want to make it easier for shoppers to find products that are good for them."
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