'Thinking Store Brands First': A Conversation with Author Greg Pohlmann, Part 2

A new ebook available from Progressive Grocer’s sister brand Store Brands offers grocers and wholesalers best-practice guidelines for private label, and how to develop and position these brands to enhance customer loyalty and grow profits.

Authored by private label veteran Greg Pohlmann, who has spent time with such companies as Aldi, Topco Associates and Daymon, "Thinking Store Brands First" is produced by PG's parent, retail intelligence company EnsembleIQ, and comprises 14 chapters: 13 that explain best-practice guidelines for private label, and one on its future in retail.

In the following video interview with Store Brands Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Aylward – part two of a three-part series – Pohlmann discusses private label profitability, a subject addressed in-depth in the book. He also shares what retailers and wholesalers need to know to increase store brand penetration.