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Tesco Completes Largest European Deployment of Self-Checkout

LONDON -- Tesco, one of the top three global retailers with more than 2,300 stores, has installed 285 NCR FastLane self-checkout units in 96 UK stores, the largest deployment of self-checkout to date in Europe.

Self-checkout, which enables shoppers to scan, bag and pay for their purchases themselves, is being used in Tesco's Metro (compact stores located in busy areas), Superstore, and Extra (hypermarkets) formats in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

"Over the last two years we have used self-checkout to help improve customer service throughout our stores," said Attila Winstanley, productivity director for Tesco. "Shoppers of all ages have taken to the technology, scanning all sorts of goods ranging from food and clothes to pharmaceuticals and electronics. Self-checkout has also enabled us to free up more staff time to help in other areas of the store or open more checkouts."

Tesco's self-checkout lanes on average process 19 percent of total transactions with an average basket size of 5 to14 items.

According to a study conducted for NCR by IDC, UK consumers cited shorter lines (68 percent), faster checkout times (68 percent), and having a choice on how to check out (66 percent) as the top benefits of self-checkout.
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