Tech Company Adds EV Hosting Option

Grocers can take advantage of no upfront costs, custom branding
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
FreeWire charging
Through its new EV charger hosting option, grocers can save on upfront costs while also customizing message on the screens.

To give grocers their own kind of boost, one tech provider is rolling out a program that lets them add ultrafast, custom-branded EV chargers with no upfront investment. California-based FreeWire Technologies announced a new program that will allow grocery stores to essentially rent charging amenities for their properties.

Through this new Accelerate Program, FreeWire Technologies will own and operate the systems while retailers can offer and collect payments at their site. FreeWire manages the initial installation, site design and permitting process and also takes care of ongoing maintenance and electricity costs. Stores that take part in the new Accelerate program can get a share of the revenue generated by the stations and also access data on charger usage and customer behavior. 

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The charging stations can be personalized, enabling grocers to extend their brand outside their physical stores in their parking lots. The charger includes a 24-in. screen that shows promotions and information for direct customer engagement at the point of charge. 

The solution provider also has its original option for grocers to own their own charging stations. In that model, business owners can retain charging revenue. 

The new feature is designed to help grocers accelerate their EV charging capabilities as those vehicles become more popular, with one analysis projecting that there will be 26 million EVs on U.S. roads by 2030. This week, the Biden Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new pollution standards aimed at reducing emissions from gas-powered vehicles and encouraging a greater adoption of EVs. 

"The Accelerate Program demonstrates our conviction in the improving economics of EV charging. We are investing our capital to promote our customers' businesses enabling them to market an EV offering under their brand with zero upfront costs. This is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to leverage the growing need for this amenity,” explained Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire’s founder and chief commercial officer. “At FreeWire, we envision a future where EV adoption is uninhibited by available charging infrastructure, and the Accelerate Program is a crucial step towards making that vision a reality."

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