Tasty Expansion

Tasty Brand, Inc., maker of Tastybaby® frozen organic purées, has grown the pioneering product line with Organic Infant Cereals, as well expanding the brand beyond baby food with Organic Fruit Snacks. Both products made their debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Fortified with nutritional supplements such as DHA and ARA to support brain and eye development, Prebiotics to aid digestion and protect against the development of allergies, and essential vitamins, minerals and iron, the new Organic Infant Cereals are the first organic products formulated for use during different times of the day. The Tasty Day Oatmeal, Tasty Dreams Brown Rice and Tasty Grains Multi Grains varieties retails for a suggested $3.99 per 7-ounce environmentally friendly resealable gusset bag. Additionally, the Los Angeles-based natural/organic brand is one of the few to introduce a 100 percent organic gummy. Free of high-fructose corn syrup, gluten, fat, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and made with real fruit juice, the product offers 100 percent of a child’s recommended daily requirement of vitamin C per serving. A box of five individual, 70-calorie pouches retails for a suggested $4.99 per 4-ounce box, while a box of 2.75-ounce peg bags goes for a suggested $2.79. For additional information, visit www.tastybaby.com.
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