Tanimura & Antle Engages Consumers Online

To promote its Artisan Lettuce line, Tanimura & Antle is employing social media and an online coupon to connect with consumers, thereby helping retailers boost store traffic and department sales.

“Research has shown that once people try Artisan Lettuce, they are highly likely to purchase it,” said Rick Antle, CEO of Salinas, Calif.-based Tanimura & Antle. “Key to the growing success of this outstanding product is continuing to find new ways to reach consumers in addition to our customers.”

With each Artisan Lettuce package offering three varieties, consumers derive more value and servings in Artisan Lettuce than in other items. Distributed nationally in a 100 percent recyclable clamshell with a new tamper-evident seal, the product additionally meets growing demand for eco-friendly produce packaging.

To invite more shoppers to join its social media community on Facebook, Tanimura & Antle has placed a sticker on the clamshells. In just over a month, the Artisan Lettuce Facebook page has gained several hundred fans by featuring such items as recipes, coupons, photos and contests. As well as its social media efforts and the online coupon, the company has introduced a dedicated area on its Web site, www.taproduce.com, where consumers and the trade can obtain detailed information, tips and recipes for Artisan Lettuce. Positive feedback to these online resources has led Tanimura & Antle to rework the site to include a consumer section that will provide even more information on all company products. The new section is set to launch shortly.

As one of the largest independent lettuce growers in the United States, Tanimura & Antle farms over 30,000 acres of farmland and ships a full line of premium fresh produce products throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
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