Takeoff and KNAPP Continue to Enhance E-Grocery Fulfillment

Tech companies expand partnership to accelerate hardware and software innovation
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Takeoff and Knapp

Tech companies Takeoff Technologies and KNAPP are partnering to accelerate hardware and software innovation for e-grocery fulfillment through:

  • A new network-strategy oriented product suite: Rollout of a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet evolving industry needs.
  • A joint voice in the industry: Further integration of key functions from commercial to technical teams to streamline delivery of seamless end-to-end e-grocery fulfillment solutions.
  • Coordinated technology roadmap: Additional R&D collaboration for continued innovation at the cutting-edge of e-grocery fulfillment.

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The two companies have been partners for years with the aim of advancing e-grocery fulfillment. And now with their expanded partnership, they will offer a modular product portfolio to provide food retailers with right sized automation and unique capabilities for their operation. With profit-driving fulfillment models for high-, mid- and low-volume operations, retailers can choose different technologies and solutions to realize their e-grocery strategy and fulfill their promises to the end customer. Retailers are now empowered to construct an intelligent, interconnected fulfillment network without being constrained to a single solution, having to engage with different hardware and software providers, or compromising on operational excellence.

"After operating alongside and growing with our retail partners over the past seven years, we are excited to offer our retail grocery partners new solution modularity with our partner KNAPP," commented Jose Aguerrevere, co-founder of Waltham, Mass.-based Takeoff.

Takeoff offers e-grocery solutions that allows grocers to thrive online using hyperlocal fulfillment. Its solutions range from fully manual fulfillment technology to highly automated micro-fulfillment centers powered by KNAPP. Takeoff has approximately $1 billion in sales processed through its fulfillment centers.

Also commenting on their expanded partnership, KNAPP Group VP of Food Retail Solutions Rudolf Hansl said, "Automation remains foundational in addressing rising labor costs and offering an optimal customer experience at the lowest cost to serve. Through Takeoff's expertise we were able to further develop our modular solution for micro-fulfillment. In addition, we will enhance our existing portfolio within this new, intensified partnership to make it easier than ever to deploy rightsized automation for any retailer, anywhere."

Headquartered in Austria, the KNAPP group provides all-in-one solutions for automation and digitalization, from production and distribution to the point of sale. The solution portfolio for grocery comprises innovative automation concepts for both online and brick-and-mortar food retail.

In the next phase of their partnership, Takeoff and KNAPP are bringing their sales, solutions engineering and technical product teams closer together. The goal is to provide retailers with a unified, streamlined experience and access to the industry's largest dedicated team enhancing e-grocery fulfillment.

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