Sweetness Without Sugar

According to Heartland Sweeteners, its Ideal Confectionery is the world’s first and only low-calorie powdered sweetener made with the natural ingredient xylitol, which is known to effectively reduce tooth decay as well as being safe for diabetics. The Indianapolis-based company has also developed Ideal Brown, which measures cup for cup like brown sugar and can be used for baking. Ideal Confectionery has 130 fewer calories per cup than sugar, while Ideal Brown contains zero calories and only 1.5 carbohydrates per serving. Ideal Confectionery comes in 16-ounce packages, equal to a standard size box of powdered sugar, and Ideal Brown is available in 10.6-ounce packages, with equivalent sweetness to a 2-pound box of brown sugar. The suggested retail price range for both items is $4.49 to $4.99. For more information, visit www.idealsweet.com.

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