Survey: Fewer than 10% of U.S. Consumers Dislike Grocery Shopping

In today’s economy, U.S. consumers continue to feed on a back-to-basics and a “more meals at home” mentality. With consumers across all incomes looking for grocery deals, how are they shopping? Key findings from Nielsen’s most recent shopping survey and behavior-tracking insights reveal:

—Only 9 percent of the primary shoppers in U.S. households dislike or hate shopping; 38 percent “get in and get out”
—More than half (53 percent) of U.S. consumers tell Nielsen they really enjoy or like grocery shopping. Eighteen percent of the consumers in this category regularly browse the entire store when shopping
—Approximately 30 percent of grocery items are purchased on deal, with deal rates up nearly 11 percent for high-income households, nearly 10 percent for middle-income households and 7 percent for low-income households
—Thirty-eight percent of consumers report that grocery shopping is a chore, but not a difficult one. These consumers know which parts of the store have the items they want
—Planning is key, with a large percentage of U.S. households using shopping lists (58 percent), store circulars (47 percent) or coupons (37 percent), and comparing prices (50 percent) on most grocery store trips
—Only 9 percent of consumers purchase from end-aisle displays on most grocery trips, and three-quarters of consumers never ask for assistance in the meat or produce department, requiring retailers to get their product assortment right

“Retailers must seize the opportunity as U.S. consumers recalibrate their behaviors to respond to the tough economy with home as the new normal,” said Todd Hale, SVP, Consumer & Shopper Insights at The Nielsen Company in Schaumburg, Ill., the parent company of Progressive Grocer. “Knowing consumers’ attitudes toward grocery shopping is critical for retailers to understand how to encourage shoppers to spend more each trip, thereby helping grow their business. For example, retailers shopped by consumers who dislike shopping, or think it is a chore, [should] consider simplified store layouts. Adequate staffing at registers and shelf-checkout are musts. Retailers shopped by more consumers who like to shop have more flexibility to drive sales across the store. Leverage sights and smells with cooking and demo stations in strategic sections of stores.”

- Nielsen Business Media
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