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SureBeam Obtains Patent for In-Line Processing System

SAN DIEGO -- SureBeam Corp., a leading provider of electron-beam food safety systems and services for the food industry, has been awarded a U.S. patent on an in-line processing system that forms food products, such as ground beef, into optimal configurations for irradiation processing.

The system is designed to achieve higher efficiencies in processing by configuring products to take advantage of the electron-beam technology's strengths while also providing flexibility for product packaging. The company says the patent adds to the technological advancements made with its end-of-line systems and service centers that have revolutionized the irradiation industry.

"This new system is a technological jump in providing our customers with product processing optimization," says John Arme, SureBeam chairman and c.e.o. "Customers will also benefit from a reduction in capital cost, since the new system is designed to be smaller while being able to process more food product in less time."

The company says the system is unique because it will allow food products to be processed in optimal thicknesses that permit the most efficient throughput for an electron-beam system. Food products using the current electron-beam system may require packaging changes to accommodate the process. However, since the new in-line system irradiates the food product prior to final packaging, it will significantly minimize changes to current packaging configurations and the cost associated with it, the company says.

As a result of its new system, SureBeam says it will be able to broaden its market opportunity into such areas as bulk product or bulk ingredient processing commonly used with foodservice companies using electron-beam technology.
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