Supervalu Unwraps Branded Private Label Beef Program

As part of a company-wide plan aiming to position its stores as “the place” for fresh beef, Supervalu has launched a new Stockman & Dakota branded line of premium USDA Choice Angus beef that’s now available nationwide at the Minneapolis-based retailer’s family of stores.

In addition to Stockman & Dakota brand products, Supervalu’s new signature beef program -- which will encompass 60 cuts of beef and feature improved merchandising, new signage and enhanced service in the meat department -- will include a new store-brand beef line that provides improved quality over existing offerings at a good value.

“With our new beef program, we’re positioned to address the growing trend of eating at home by providing customers with fresh, quality cuts of beef and a differentiated in-store experience that gives them the preparation tips, recipes and serving ideas they need to create a restaurant-quality meal at home, for less,” said Jim Smits, Supervalu’s group VP/fresh foods merchandising. “In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our beef that we’re guaranteeing our products twice. Customers who aren’t satisfied will receive a refund and a free replacement cut of beef.”

Offerings in the “affordable restaurant-quality” Stockman & Dakota line -- which range from bone-in rib eyes, New York Strips, Porterhouse and T-bone steaks to boneless rump and boneless chuck roasts -- feature a comprehensive assortment of beef cuts that meets consumers’ varied preferences and needs.

All Stockman & Dakota products are selected from premium USDA Choice Angus beef and then hand-carved to ensure the freshness, tenderness and flavor that consumers demand, said Smits, noting that Supervalu’s new store brand of beef is designed to exceed customer expectations from both a taste and a budget perspective.

A key part of Supervalu’s new beef program is a medley of new meat department signage that provides easy customer navigation and directions on how to properly prepare and serve beef. In the meat case, beef cuts will be grouped by cooking method -- such as grilling, oven roasting, slow or pan cooking -- and all packages will feature a cooking label, making it easy for customers to choose beef products by the cooking method they prefer.

Supervalu has also made a significant investment in training to support its beef program, said Smits, citing meat department personnel that will go out of their way to help customers select the right cuts and grades of beef for every cooking method and occasion. In-store meat department staff members will also seek to provide customers with cooking tips and serving ideas for the full range of beef offerings -- from the cut to the grade and various ways to prepare, garnish and serve an item -- to help them understand “the very essence of beef.”

Supervalu will also furnish shoppers with a variety of unique beef recipes, cooking methods, and preparation tips and information -- both in-store and on its regional retail banners’ Web sites -- to help add variety and interest to home-cooked meals.

Pointing to research that shows consumers rank quality, freshness and tenderness above other attributes when selecting beef, Smits said, “Studies also have found that consumers don’t understand the grading system, the different cuts of beef and how to properly cook beef. By offering two new brands of beef and a differentiated in-store experience, our new beef program helps to address consumer needs not only for quality, value and selection, but also for more beef knowledge and education. With our new beef program, shoppers now have the tools to provide a savory, consistent eating experience at home.”

Supervalu will support its new beef program with a fully integrated marketing campaign titled “Beef Spoken Here.” The campaign debuts May 10 and includes print, TV, radio and outdoor advertisements, as well as interactive and direct marketing.

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