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Supervalu Realigns Regional Operations

MINNEAPOLIS - Supervalu has said it is realigning its regional operations, so that six regions will work together in pairs to streamline back-office departments and functional areas.

The change will affect several hundred positions, with some job loss, some relocation, and some attrition, according to company spokeswoman Polly Deane.

The company will continue to have seven regions going forward, but now six regions will work in pairs to combine back office functions, including category management, human resources, finance, and retail systems: the Northwest region will work with the Northern, the Southeast with the Midwest, and the New England with the Eastern division.

All seven regions will maintain their own marketing functions, as well as their various distribution centers.

"In terms of Supervalu's retail customers, this will be transparent," said Deane, who added that the changes will be implemented over a matter of months.

"The change is part of Supervalu's strategy to become the undisputed low-cost supplier with world-class support services," she said.
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