Supermarket Contest to Promote Animal Care Certified Eggs

ATLANTA -- United Egg Producers here is launching a new supermarket contest to promote Animal Care Certified eggs.

Consumers entering the "Look for the Animal Care Certified Logo" contest could win a trip for two to see some of the most priceless eggs in the world -- Faberge eggs housed at the Hermitage, the winter palace of the Russian tsars.

Only eggs that are produced under a strict set of animal welfare guidelines developed by an independent scientific committee can carry the Animal Care Certified logo, according to United Egg Producers, which is a trade association for U.S. egg producers. Those guidelines ensure that hens have sufficient space, continuous access to fresh air and water, sufficient and nutritious food, are kept clean, are protected from other hens, and are transported in a safe and protected manner. Most brands of shell eggs sold in the U.S. are produced under these guidelines, according to United Egg Producers.

The trade group cited a recent study that reportedly found that 89 percent of consumers would choose food products that are certified as protecting animal care over those that aren’t, if given a choice. The survey also showed that consumers would consider switching brands to an Animal Care Certified product if their usual brand were not certified, even if it cost more, according to the group.

For more information on the Animal Care Certified egg program or the supermarket contest, visit
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