Supercenter Players to Offer Biodegradable Dinnerware

ST. LOUIS - Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer are among a growing list of retailers that will offer biodegradable dinnerware made from corn, potatoes, and limestone in time for the 2007 picnic season.

The EarthShell line of dinnerware, from ReNewable Products, Inc. includes plates and bowls made from renewable corn and potato starch mixed with limestone. According to the company, EarthShell manufacturing uses less energy and fossil fuel; emits less "greenhouse" carbon dioxide and "acid rain" sulfur dioxide; and the product takes up less space in landfills than paper, plastic, and foam.

Other retailers planning to offer the EarthShell line include H-E-B, Spartan Stores, Whole Foods, Gelson's, and Kowalski's. Publix Supermarkets is testing EarthShell in more than 400 stores, the vendor said.
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