Super Saver Challenges Customers in Sausage Contest

Super Saver is looking to its customers to create the newest flavor of house-made sausage through its "Smokehouse Challenge." From July 29 - Aug. 24, customers can submit ideas for their fantasy flavor online or to the customer service desk in-store.

Head sausage maker Bob Voss and his team will select four flavors that they'll then create and sell in the stores from Sept. 18 - Oct. 18. The sausages will be named after the person submitting the flavor entry. The best-selling sausage flavor will be declared the challenge winner and will continue to be sold in stores for a limited time.

Each of the four finalists will receive $50 gift cards to Super Saver with the winner receiving an additional $100 gift card.

“Our Smokehouse team likes to experiment with different flavors,” Voss said. “We’re looking forward to creating new sausages based on the best ideas from our customers.”

Super Saver is one of four store formats operated by B&R Stores, which operates in seven cities in Nebraska and Iowa. The other banners are Russ’s Market, Save Best Foods and Grand Central Apple Market.

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