Sunkist Partners with ‘The Biggest Loser’ to Inspire Healthy Choices

This season, Sunkist is joining forces with NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” to inspire consumers to make healthier choices, like incorporating fresh citrus into their diet, by bringing “The Biggest Loser” brand to grocery stores nationwide.

Starting as early as December, specially marked packaging for Sunkist citrus will feature on-pack stickers that incorporate “The Biggest Loser” logo and information about the health and weight loss benefits of citrus. Sunkist will also offer a consumer promotion that inspires entrants to achieve their weight loss goals. The promotion will place a particular emphasis on Sunkist lemons and grapefruit, as both of these citrus varieties are known for their weight loss benefits.

“Obesity is one of the most serious health issues facing our nation today,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. “To help curb the obesity epidemic, Sunkist is proud to be joining forces with ‘The Biggest Loser’ to encourage consumers to make healthier choices. Fresh citrus offers many health and weight loss benefits, making this relationship a natural fit for Sunkist.”

“The Biggest Loser,” now in its 15th season, is a motivational weight loss competition in which contestants compete to reach a healthier weight through the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. Season 15 of the show premiered Oct. 15.

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