Sunflower Farmers Market Unveils New Consumer-Friendly Programs for 2010

Sunflower Farmers Market this month launched two new consumer-friendly programs to provide shoppers a broad range of consumer content, more nutritious lifestyle tips, and extra value to their Sunflower shopping experience.

The Boulder, Colo.-based independent’s “Smart Tags Program” is an easy-to-read, color-coded nutrition labeling program formulated by Sunflower’s registered dietician, Maya.

The Smart Tags were created by using just the facts – and no manufacturer influence – to help families nationwide choose healthier options while learning the basics of good nutrition in one shopping experience. Maya combined the American Dietetic Association's dietary recommendations with her personal passion for whole, real, good food to create criteria for tagging in four areas: orange Smart Celiac tags; red Smart Heart tags; blue Smart Carb tags; and purple Smart Weight tags. For Smart Tag criteria, please visit

Sunflower has also created a New Year’s Nutrition themed microsite, a tool designed to help customers to start and stick to a nutrition plan in 2010. The microsite’s features include nutrition tips, healthy recipes, in-store program details such as Smart Tags and Smallest Winner, healthy habits, New Year’s resolutions, and a calorie calculator. On each page, visitors can print out a variety of downloads, ranging from brochures to recipe cards and shopping lists.

The microsite was spun off of Sunflower’s upgraded consumer-focused, interactive main Web site,

"This fresh new site reflects how today’s consumer lives, shops and eats,” said Sunflower president, Chris Sherrell. “Sunflower shoppers are looking for ways to not only save on groceries, but also for ways to eat healthier on a daily basis. We have given that dynamic information and more to our customers through the launch of the new website.

This site includes a variety of features that specifically address the needs and wants of the store’s customer base. These features are:
-- Saving Money: A comprehensive list of weekly sale flyers by city and state to help consumers stretch their grocery dollars.
-- Healthy Cooking: Hundreds of recipes, cooking ideas, nutrition tips and entertaining ideas.
-- Access to Online Savings: The ability for consumers to create their own personalized online account to receive e-mail notifications. These include weekly sale flyers, nutrition news and specials delivered directly to their email inbox.
-- Locations: Enhanced location listings integrated with Google Maps.
-- Nutrition & Wellness: Nutrition blogs updated weekly with news, notes and tips from Sunflower’s Health & Wellness Educator, Maya, R.D.
-- Store Layout: Sunflower virtual tours showing each department’s in-store layout.

Weekly sale flyers are posted on the site every Tuesday morning, giving online visitors a sneak peek before the print ad breaks on Wednesday.

Sunflower Farmers Market currently has 28 retail stores located throughout Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Texas (operated as Newflower Farmers Markets). For more information, please visit
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