Successful Training: Making It Stick - How to Ensure Users Retain the Proper Information for Effective Use of Complex Business Software

Training, especially when it comes to business software applications, makes the difference between employees that just muddle through and a productive workforce.

Organizations spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars implementing sophisticated software systems to handle financials, inventory and customer relationships. But the investment is for naught if the people using the software don’t know its capabilities or functions. Proper training is imperative.

How that training is developed makes a significant difference. Its one thing to memorize what you hear or read, but quite another to actually retain the information and put it to effective use when the time comes. To achieve the latter, blended learning programs using both instructor lead training combined with interactive e-learning have proven very successful.

Successful programs not only advance business goals but also take into consideration individual learning habits and simulate the environment in which the software will be used. The learning curriculum should introduce mission-critical software functions in a way that is intuitive to learners without overwhelming them. It is essential to use an interactive learning that targets software application training to specific job roles.

Organizations that employ one-size-fits-all training approaches for software often miss the mark. The results are a poorly trained workforce and technology investments that fail to deliver on the promise because of improper use.

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