Study: Americans Less Worried about Wasteful Packaging

Sustainable packaging is not as high a concern to Americans as it is to many others around the world, according to new Datamonitor report.

In fact, the United States is one of the countries least concerned about excessive packaging, and Americans are among the least interested in seeking out products with less packaging. The survey, “Sustainable Packaging Trends: Consumer Perspectives and Product Opportunities,” draws on the responses of consumers in 15 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and the United States.

About a third of Americans (34 percent) describe being somewhat or extremely concerned about over-packaging in household goods. This was 10 percent below the global level of 44 percent. Brazil and Russia, with 27 percent each, cared the least.

China and India were among the countries most concerned about over-packaging, with a majority of their respondents (56 and 53 percent, respectively) saying they were somewhat or extremely concerned.

The United States was also one of the countries least likely to seek out products with less wasteful packaging, with 35 percent of Americans saying they would seek out alternative products if packaging were excessive. Only the Netherlands had fewer such responses.

South Korea, India and China had the highest percentage expressing a willingness to find alternatives to over-packaged goods.

Worldwide, 20 percent of consumers felt that packaging had a high or very high level of influence on their decisions to purchase food and beverages. The United States was only slightly below this average, with 17 percent feeling significantly influenced by packaging.

European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, were the least influenced by packaging design, with 9 percent of respondents each reporting that they felt a high or very high amount of influence.
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