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Stop & Shop, Giant Food Measuring Online Customer Satisfaction

QUINCY, Mass. - Two supermarket chains owned by Ahold USA, Shop & Stop Supermarket Co., headquartered here, and Landover, Md.-based Giant Food, LLC have chosen Ann Arbor, Mich.-based ForeSee Results to measure customer satisfaction within the chains' Web site content.

The purpose of the research is to understand more clearly the part each site plays in satisfying consumers' information needs, and to improve user satisfaction and the online experience.

Using the methodology of the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), ForeSee Results measures customer satisfaction and quantifies the link between overall satisfaction, its key drivers, and customers' future behaviors.

"It is important for us to know what our customers think of our Web sites and how we might be able to improve these sites to meet our customer's needs. We will use ForeSee Results to guide our Web strategy and provide an ongoing tracking measurement system for tracking progress against our goals," said Dr. Robert Sapinkopf, Giant Food's director of research, in a statement.

"Figuring out which aspects of each Web site are best at meeting our customers' needs is much more than having a creative and appealing Web site design. We need precise data that comes directly from the people who visit the Web sites, and that's what we'll receive with ForeSee Results," continued Sapinkopf.

"Supermarkets are a great example of a traditional industry that is figuring out how to take advantage of the Web to reinforce customer relationships," noted ForeSee Results president and c.e.o. Larry Freed. "By obtaining Web site user feedback and figuring out what makes users happy, Giant Food and Shop & Stop can enhance the user's experience with their Web site information."

Ahold USA owns six prominent food retailers along the East Coast: Stop & Shop; Giant Food, LLC; Tops Markets, LLC, based in Buffalo, N.Y.; Giant Food Stores, LLC, headquartered in Carlisle, Pa.; Mauldin, S.C.-based Bi-Lo, LLC; and Bruno's Supermarkets, Inc., with headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. In total they operate more than 1,600 stores, of which 1,220 are supermarkets.
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