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Stop & Shop Braces for Big Fourth of July Grill-A-Thon

QUINCY, Mass. -- As the July 4 three-day weekend approaches, Stop & Shop Supermarkets said it is expecting huge demand for barbeque-related items as grills are fired up across the Northeast.

The grocer estimates that it will sell 220 tons of charcoal briquettes this holiday weekend, as well as 240,000 bamboo barbecue skewers, 3 million ears of corn, 125 tons of deli salad, 1.8 million pounds of cherries, 250 tons of American cheese, and 150,000 bags of marshmallows.

"We have everything for this Independence Day weekend, from patriotic-themed party goods to rotisserie chickens to hot dogs and burgers, chips, dips, ice cream, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, ribs, steak tips, vegetable platters, fruit platters, paper plates, cups, napkins, marinades, soda, and much more," noted Stop & Shop v.p. of sales Rick Nichols in a statement. "Americans historically during this time of the year are hot for the All-American barbecue."
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