Stew Leonard's Scores 'Presidential' Turkeys

NORWALK, Conn. -- This holiday season Stew Leonard's is selling turkeys from the same farm as those served at the White House for more than three decades. Sold under the Stew Leonard's brand, the all-natural, extra-lean, free-range young turkeys go for $2.19 a pound.

Raised in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the antibiotic- and hormone-free turkeys are bred to have 55 percent less fat and 22 percent more white meat.
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"Because of the huge demand for these turkeys, we've never been able to get them for our stores, but this year we got lucky," noted company president and c.e.o. Stew Leonard Jr in a statement. "When we visited the farm, we were very impressed with the care they take in raising their turkeys, even down to growing their own corn, barley, soybean, and wheat for the feed. These turkeys are premium in every way -- from having more breast meat and less fat, to having a richer flavor and texture because of the access they have to the outdoors."

As well as the presidential turkeys, Stew Leonard's offers 40,000 all-natural fresh turkeys over the holidays. The turkeys are raised in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and shipped fresh to Stew's, where they're sold for 99 cents a pound.

Another 1,500 turkeys will be ordered through Stew Leonard's catering department, which prepares a complete Thanksgiving meal for eight, consisting of a marinated, roasted turkey; turkey gravy with herbs; chestnut stuffing; an option of two side dishes, among them mashed potatoes, sweet potato mousse, or string bean Almondine; cranberry orange sauce; 12 dinner rolls; and a 10-inch pie, all for $110 -- less than $14 per person.

The Thanksgiving catering menu can be found at any Stew Leonard's store or online at; or customers can contact Stew's catering consultants by phone. Delivery is available in the Danbury and Norwalk store locations, except for Thanksgiving Day.
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