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Stemilt Sweepstakes Highlights Packaging Icon


“Spot the Stemilt Ladybug,” Stemilt Growers’ first-ever sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter, invites consumers to take and post pictures of the ladybug featured on the Wenatchee, Wash.-based company’s PLU (Price Look-Up) stickers and other packaging, for the opportunity to win one of six gift boxes of premium apples.

Running through Sept. 17, the contest gives people only five days to seek out the Stemilt ladybug, take its picture, and post it to Stemilt’s Facebook wall or tweet it to @stemilt or the hashtag #stemilt. The six winners will be chosen at random and revealed the following week on Facebook and Twitter.

Stemilt’s other forays into social media include the recent launch of its Clem and Milty video series on YouTube, and the grower has also been sharing news from its farms via Facebook and Twitter for almost a year.

“This sweepstakes gives our fans yet another way to participate in our social sites, as well as a chance to win freshly harvested Stemilt apples,” said marketing director Roger Pepperl. “It will also highlight the many places you can find Stemilt fruit.”

Late founder Tom Mathison added the ladybug to the Stemilt logo in 1989, as the insects are deemed beneficial insects to orchardists, and Mathison wanted to convey the company’s commitment to the environment through its “Responsible Choice” program. As well as PLU stickers on every piece of Stemilt fruit, the ladybug appears on boxes, clamshells, bags and promotional materials.

“This sweepstakes will also give us an opportunity to educate Stemilt fans and followers about why we have a ladybug on our logo, as well as share the ways we are continuing Tom’s legacy of sustainable business practices,” added Pepperl.

Stemilt is the leading shipper of sweet cherries and the largest supplier of organic tree fruits in the United States.