Steak-Umm Sets Out to Conquer the World

In addition to anything else they may wish to pack when preparing to hit the road this summer, consumers won’t want to forget their Steak-Umm Burgers. The Reading, Pa.-based brand’s “Bon Voyage, Burger!” photo contest invites entrants to submit a photo of themselves and or traveling companions holding a Steak-Umm package anywhere on Earth.

The winning image will be “the most creative … the odder or funnier, the better,” according to Steak-Umm.

At stake (or “steak,” if you will) is a Samsung DualView TL220 Blue 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera, which has a retail value of $299.99 and includes such features as a front LCD screen that makes it easy for users to shoot themselves (in a photographic sense) and a back LCD touchscreen for rapid scrolling through photos and menus.

The contest runs through Aug. 15, 2010, with winners to be selected by Aug. 25. Entrants can send their submissions via snail mail, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.
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