Stater Bros. Markets Acquires 100 Percent Ownership of Santee Dairies

COLTON, Calif.- Stater Bros. Markets, 50 percent owner of Santee Dairies, Inc., has acquired from Ralphs Grocery Co. and Kroger their 50 percent ownership in Santee Dairies, which gives Stater Bros. Markets 100 percent ownership.

Santee Dairies is a producer of quality Knudsen milk and buttermilk products in Southern California. Santee also produces milk products for Stater Bros., Ralphs Grocery Co., Bristol Farms, Gelson's, and many other leading independent supermarket retailers.

In addition, Santee produces chocolate milk, Sunkist Orange Juice, and Arnold Palmer Tee brand iced tea exclusively in Southern California. Santee also produces orange juice, fruit drinks, and cultured milk products, as well as milk products under the famous Foremost Dairy Products label.

"For 15 years Stater Bros. Markets has owned 50 percent of Santee Dairies, and I have served as chairman and chief executive officer," said Jack H. Brown, chairman, president, and c.e.o. of Stater Bros. "I am very pleased that Stater Bros. has acquired 100 percent of the stock of Santee Dairies, Inc., and I look forward to building an even more successful Santee under their president and c.o.o., Paul Bikowitz, and our great Santee management team."

Stater Bros. Markets currently operates 157 supermarket locations, with 47 in San Bernardino County, 41 in Riverside County, 30 in Orange County, 27 in Los Angeles County, 10 in northern San Diego County, and two in Kern County. There are over 14,000 Stater Bros. employees.
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