Stater Bros. Introduces Green Waste Composting

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Stater Bros. Introduces Green Waste Composting

To honor its commitment to the environment, not only on Earth Day but all year round, San Bernardino, Calif.-based Stater Bros. has teamed up with Community Recycling and Resource Recovery, Inc. to turn organic waste into compost that can be sold to area farmers.

“Stater Bros. believes in doing the right thing for the right reason,” said Jack H. Brown, chairman and CEO of Stater Bros. “Protecting our environment is the ‘right thing,’ and the ‘right reason’ is so future generations can live in a better world.”

The first “green” load arrived at the Stater Bros. distribution center on Earth Day. The program will be rolled out to all 166 Stater Bros. Supermarket locations within the next three weeks.

On a daily basis, items such as produce trim and cull, waxed cardboard, wooden crates and paper will be loaded on pallets and returned via Stater Bros. delivery trucks to its DC, where the recyclable material will be loaded into a 21-ton compactor, which will be picked up daily by Community Recycling and transported to a composting facility.

Stater Bros. estimates that its new composting program will eliminate 20,000 tons from landfills each year. In a landfill, six tons of organic waste create one ton of greenhouse gas, but a well-managed compost facility doesn’t produce any greenhouse gas. The company’s other green programs include recycling plastic bags and cardboard, printing weekly ads on recycled paper and participating in California’s Voluntary Demand Response Program to reduce energy consumption at store level when demand is high.

Stater Bros. operates 166 supermarkets and employs over 19,000 associates.