Stater Bros. Debuts Dietitian-led Program on Healthy Eating

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- Stater Bros. last week launched a new consumer education program about health and wellness in a broadening of its commitment to the overall health of its customers.

Stater Bros. said it developed the program, called "Healthy Selections," to develop educate and encourage shoppers to make small changes in their lifestyle that will enhance their health and well-being.

"This new program will help our customers make [more informed] food choices and improve their health," said Jack H. Brown, Stater Bros. chairman and c.e.o."

In charge of the effort is registered dietitian Melissa Hooper, a specialist in nutrition communication, education, and behavior modification, who was recently recognized with the 2006-07 "Emerging Dietetic Leader" award from the Kansas City District Dietetic Association, the chain said.

Stater Bros. said it will highlight the program once a month in ist FSI, with a focused health and wellness message tying into brand products. Other featured components of the program include nutrition seminars, store tours, a newsletter, and in-store messages as well as outreach into the community and media appearances.

Stater Bros. operates 164 Supermarkets, and employs 18,000 associates.
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