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SPINS, Nielsen Offer New Services, Enhanced Partnership

SPINS, the information and service provider for the natural products industry, has launched newly developed joint services with The Nielsen Company. SPINS will offer new services relating to full conventional key account reporting, release of conventional items on a per-category basis, health-and-wellness insights, private label reporting, custom consumer reporting, and FDM causal and weekly data.

Additionally, SPINS will continue to offer more robust reporting capabilities for the conventional channel and, with Nielsen's aid, will make available the remaining 55 retailers from the food, drug, mass, club, dollar, and military channels, including Hannaford Bros., Food Lion, Kmart, BJ's, and DeCA. With the release of these additional key accounts, SPINS' manufacturer clients will now be able to measure and manage their natural/organic business at 134 retail banners and corporate totals in the conventional channel. SPINS is also boosting Nielsen's retail services team by teaming up with conventional retailers to better understand natural/organic product performance in the conventional channel.

Nielsen and SPINS, both based in Schaumburg, Ill., have collaborated on a joint hierarchy of health-and-wellness insights (HWI), combining SPINS' natural product coding and expertise and Nielsen's label-based attributes. The new joint hierarchy will provide insight into label-based nutritional benefits, including whole grain, heart health, and cholesterol claims. The launch of the joint hierarchy will also enable SPINS to gauge private label performance, which will be used in HWI to source "Marketed as Organic," and will drive even more robust PL reporting.

SPINS' new Custom Consumer capability will leverage the strength of SPINS' proprietary natural product coding and Nielsen Homescan Panel data to support in-depth analyses to pinpoint the key consumer and shopper behaviors behind natural and organic product purchasing. New services will launch during the second quarter of 2008, and continue to rollout through mid-year.

"Through our expanded partnership with The Nielsen Company, SPINS [will be able] to fully represent the interests of the conventional channel and to enhance our standing as a full-service provider for the entire natural products industry," noted SPINS c.e.o. Tony Olson.

SPINS' comprehensive offering encompasses retail measurement services, content-based reporting, consumer information and consulting services.
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