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Special Tyson Deli Report: Exceeding Your Customers’ Deli Product Expectations

Just as in the rest of the supermarket, taste is top of mind for shoppers at the deli counter. And deli products that don’t live up to expectations are some of the most common problems reported by shoppers who purchased prepared chicken products from their grocery’s deli during the past three months, according to a new study from Tyson Foods.

Products that are too dry or don’t appear fresh are the most commonly reported problems, but the litany of deli product glitches also includes foods that are under- or overcooked, poor quality, poor tasting or with breading that isn’t crispy. In addition, some shoppers reported that family members or others didn’t like either the appearance or the taste of a product. In fact, 69 percent of survey respondents reported at least one deli product problem.

The majority of shoppers who experience a product issue at the deli are likely to continue their regular shopping habits, but 35 percent say they have stopped shopping at a store for a period of time or even permanently due to problems with a deli product. While all types of deli problems can negatively impact purchase intent, the most pronounced effect is a result of product problems, suggests the Tyson Foods research.

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Retailers' Best Recipe for Success: Quality Control

Deli retailers can help head off product problems early on by ensuring that consistent quality control measures are firmly in place:

* Always cook to proper temperature.

* Follow holding procedures, promptly removing products that have been sitting out for excessive periods of time.

* Establish protocols for accurate time and date stamping of products.

Tyson Deli can support you with products, insights and tools to help grow your deli business. Contact Eric LeBlanc at (800) 248-9766 for more information.



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